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6 Examples of a Common Good

 , December 20, 2017
A common good is a good that is rivalrous and non-excludable. This means that it has limited abundance and it is difficult to stop people from using as much as they want. This tends to be a tragic type of good as people can only prevent its depletion and degradation by cooperating. The following are illustrative examples.


Wildlife such as the fish in the ocean. Historically, a large number of species have gone extinct due to overhunting.


Using air for combustion.


Using the atmosphere to get rid of waste products. For example, garbage incineration and exhaust from factories and vehicles.


Consumption of freshwater and pollution of water systems such as agricultural runoff or industrial effluents.


Land based resources such as fertile soil and mineral deposits.


Ecosystems such as a coral reef or forest. For example, a forest may be used for wood or slashed and burned to create space for agriculture.
Overview: Common Goods
Definition (1)A good that is rivalrous and non-excludable.
Definition (2)A good that has limited abundance that is difficult to stop people from using in unlimited quantities.
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