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Brand management is the practice of developing and sustaining a brand to build a valuable identity for products and services in a crowded market. It involves planning an identity for a brand and implementing marketing and operational strategies to build brand awareness and reputation. The following are common brand management techniques.
Brand Strategy
A strategy for the identity, position and overall direction of a brand.
Brand Planning
A plan that implements your brand strategy.
Brand Budgets
Planning and managing a brand budget.
Brand Positioning
Establishing a unique and valuable position for a brand in a crowded market.
Brand Identity
Brand name and visual identity.
Brand Recognition
Advertising and promotion designed to help customers to recognize your brand.
Brand Awareness
Advertising and promotion designed to associate your brand with a product category.
Brand Image
Advertising and promotion designed to associate your brand with an emotion or concept such as safety or luxury.
Demand Creation
Advertising and promotion design to directly increase revenue.
Brand Strength
The overall position of a brand as benchmarked against competitors.
Brand Equity
The overall value of a brand to a firm such as an ability to achieve both high margins and high market share.
Brand Storytelling
Developing consistent and compelling narratives for a brand.
Creative Assets
Development of creative assets such as advertisements to support promotional calendar.
Marketing Campaigns
Coordinating promotional campaigns with cross-function teams such as sales, distribution partners and operations.
Brand Tone
Ensuring that a brand has a consistent voice and feel.
Brand Reputation
Managing communications, public relations and crisis management for a brand.
Brand Experience
Managing the actual realities of your brand such as the quality of your products and services.
In-store Experience
Managing in-store brand experience such as merchandising displays.
Market Research
Market research to determine things such as brand recognition.
Brand Metrics
Measuring a brand using brand metrics.
Brand Guidelines
A style guide and set of rules for brand identity and experience.
Brand Extension
Using a brand for new product categories or markets.
Brand Architecture
Structuring how a brand will be used for different products.
Product Development
Developing, launching and promoting new products.
Brand Partnerships
Developing brand partnerships and collaborations.
Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty and customer retention initiatives.
Internal Branding
Supporting internal branding initiatives.
Brand management overlaps with other areas such as product management. How exactly this gets delineated differs by organization.
The following are more detailed guides to brand management techniques:
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Brand Extension
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Brand Guidelines
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Brand Loyalty
Brand Management
Brand Metrics
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Brand Promise
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Brand Recall
Brand Recognition
Brand Reputation
Brand Risk
Brand Strategy
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Demand Generation
Internal Branding
Product Development
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