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17 Examples of Brand Metrics

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Brand metrics are standard ways to measure the value of brands and evaluate the performance of marketing strategies in areas such as brand identity, brand positioning, promotion and customer experience. The following are common brand metrics.
Brand Recognition
The percentage of customers who recognize your brand name and visual identity.
Brand Awareness
The percentage of customers who recall your brand with prompts such as a product category.
Top of Mind
The percentage of customers who recall your brand first for a product category.
Brand Loyalty
Repeat purchases or customer retention rate.
Customer Lifetime Value
A forecast of the total average future purchases per customer.
Customer Satisfaction
The percentage of customers who say they are satisfied.
Net Promoter Score
Subtract brand detractors who rate the brand low from brand promoters who rate the brand high.
Brand Image
Rating a brand in areas such as luxury, prestige, quality and value.
Brand Preference
The percentage of customers that prefer your brand when its available at a reasonable price.
Brand Insistence
The percentage of customers who will only buy your brand.
Brand Engagement
The number of customer interactions with a brand in a month.
Brand Associations
Asking which brands customers associate with your brand to determine “brand neighbors.”
Brand Personality
Asking customers to choose character traits for a brand such as reliable or friendly.
Brand Revenue
The revenue produced by a brand.
Brand Margins
The net margins of a brand, an indication of brand equity.
Market Share
Your sales as a percentage of all sales in a product category or industry.
Share of Voice
How much you spend on advertising as a percentage of all comparable spending by all competitors.
Brand equity, the value of your brand, is important as a concept but is seldom actually calculated as a metric because this can't be done with any accuracy.
Although we refer to "customers" in the overview above, it would be more accurate to say that you measure brands with your target market.
All of the brand metrics above can only be measured by asking the customer in a survey or interview with the exception of brand loyalty and customer lifetime value that can be measured directly.
The following are detailed guides to several brand metrics:
Brand Awareness
Brand Loyalty
Brand Engagement
Brand Metrics
Brand Equity
Brand Recall
Target Market
Brand Preference
Top Of Mind
Brand Recognition
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