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30 Examples of Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines is a document that outlines the visual and conceptual identity of a brand. These are rulebooks that align product design, product packaging, marketing communications, corporate communications and internal communications to a brand identity. In many cases, brand guidelines also outline the spirit, story, values and experience of a brand. The following are common elements of brand guidelines.
Brand Colors / Color Palette / Color Guide
Brand Experience
Brand Identity / Who We Are
Brand Illustrations
Brand Name (e.g. meaning, style and usage)
Brand Personality
Brand Philosophy
Brand Photography (specifications and examples)
Brand Positioning
Brand Promise
Brand Slogans
Button / Link Style
Color Usage
Core Values
Corporate Stationery
Font Specimens
Iconography /Icon Assets / How to Use Icons
Image Style
Logo Counterexamples (what you can't do to the logo)
Logo Variations
Media Assets
Mission & Vision
Mood Board
Signature Colors / Secondary Colors
Spacing & Sizing
Target Customer / Target Audience
Typography / Branded Fonts
Voice & Tone
Writing Style Guide
Brand guidelines are focused on visual identity but some also try to convey the entire brand image, brand experience, position and target customer.
Some brand guidelines are highly technical specifications that give numbers for font spacing and so forth. Others try to convey a mood and style without technical specifications. The latter approach is important when you expect users of the brand guidelines to be creating their own media assets such as photography and illustrations.
Overview: Brand Guidelines
A rulebook for the visual and conceptual identity of a brand.
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