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36 Examples of Brand Analysis

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Brand analysis is the process of developing brand strategies, plans, evaluations, metrics and estimates. This implies a systematic and disciplined approach based on data collection and measurement such as market research and brand analytics. The following are common examples of brand analysis.
Brand identity analysis
Brand image
Brand perceptions
Brand awareness
Brand recognition
Top of mind
Brand story
Brand voice
Brand persona
Consistency analysis
Brand equity and valuation
Market research
Competitor analysis
Brand SWOT analysis
Market segmentation
Brand positioning
Market share
Market growth
Brand loyalty
Brand switching analysis
Brand culture
Brand reputation
Brand sentiment
Perceived brand value
Customer experience analysis
Brand quality analysis
Brand alignment analysis
Internal branding analysis
Advertising analysis
Digital presence analysis
Brand strategy assessment
Brand gap analysis
Brand portfolio analysis
Brand performance
Brand metrics
Brand benchmarking
Brand identity includes brand name, logo, slogans, colors, typography and other elements of style. It also includes non-visual elements such as mission, vision and storytelling.
Brand image is how your brand is perceived in the real world.
Top of mind is when your target market name your brand when prompted with a product category.
Brand persona is the personality of a brand.
Brand positioning relates to the unique value proposition of your products and services.
Brand culture are the intangible elements of experience that emerge around your brand such as how customers use your products.
Brand reputation is what people think about your brand.
Brand sentiment is how people feel about your brand in general terms such as positive, negative or neutral.
Brand analysis deliverables can include brand strategies, requirements, brand guidelines, reports and recommendations for change.
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Brand Image
Brand Loyalty
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Brand Perceptions
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Brand Recognition
Brand Reputation
Brand Voice
Market Growth
Market Research
Market Share
Top Of Mind
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