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7 Types of Brand Perception

 , updated on July 14, 2017
Brand perception is the reality of how customers view your brand. Where brand identity is the image a brand is trying to build, brand perception is the current image that exists in the minds of target customers. The following are common types of brand perception.


How well your products fulfill customer needs. For example, a mobile device that is durable, useful and usable.


The amount of quality relative to price such as a mobile device that is perceived as high quality but overpriced.


The visual appeal of the brand including products and services.


Beyond visual appeal, smell, taste, touch and sound can make an impression. For example, shampoo that smells good.


A customer's overall impression of your brand may be described with the same concepts that are used to describe people. For example, a brand may be thought of as friendly, reliable or stylish.

Reputation & Legacy

Perceptions of the behavior, values and history of a firm.

Status & Culture

The social status and culture that surrounds the brand. For example, a brand that is associated with sailing or snowboarding subcultures.
Overview: Brand Perception
The reality of how customers view your brand.
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