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Customer Service

52 Examples of Customer Service Quality

Customer service quality is the value of customer service to customers. This includes functional things such as delivering what the customer needs and intangible things such as a professional or friendly tone. The following are common examples of customer service quality.
Answering Questions Well
Asking Customers For Feedback
Billing Accuracy
Bliss Point - enough attention but not too much
Building Customer Relationships
Building Rapport
Complaint Handling
Cultured Service / Attention to Tradition
Customer Advocacy - customer complaints change things
Customer is Always Right - taking customers at their word
Empathy for Customer
Engagement in the Culture Surrounding Services
Fair Terms
Following Up - service that doesn't end at sale
Handling Stressful Interactions
Meeting Commitments
No Pressure Service
Ownership - staff stay with customer until problem resolved
Personal Attention
Personal Presence of Staff
Product / Industry Knowledge
Professional Communication
Professional Demeanor
Recovering From Customer Dissatisfaction
Respect For Customer Privacy
Respect For Space / Boundaries
Respect for the Customer
Service Authenticity - no scripts / fakeness
Service Environment - Accessibility & Inclusion
Service Environment - Ambiance
Service Environment - Luxurious Interiors
Service Environment - Safety & Security
Service Location
Service Recovery - addressing service shortfalls
Service Tone
Service Transparency - telling customers the truth
Sincere & Professional Apologies
Solving Customer Problems
Sustaining Customer Relationships
Tailored Service
Tangible Quality (i.e. quality of product)
Timely / Prompt Service
Turnaround Time
Usability of Self-service Options

Customer Service

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