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18 Examples of Employee Outcomes

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Employee outcomes are real world business results related to employee performance and workplace culture. This includes high level metrics such as revenue per employee that indicate how much employees are producing. Employee outcomes can also look at the results of culture initiatives such as programs to improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover. The following are common employee outcomes.
Absenteeism Rates
Average Employee Tenure
Customer Satisfaction Scores
Disciplinary Actions
Employee Engagement
Employee Performance Ratings
Employee Turnover Rate
Goal Attainment
Job Satisfaction
Output Per Employee
Policy Violation Incidents
Project Success Rates
Quality of Hire
Revenue Per Employee
Schedule Variance
Task Completion Rate
Training Completion Rates


Employee outcomes include business results attributable to employees and measures of employee performance. It is also common for employee outcomes to be measures of culture and employee engagement or job satisfaction.


Business outcomes related to employee performance, workplace culture and employee engagement.
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