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36 Types of Marketing Strategy

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Marketing strategy is a plan to achieve future sales. As straightforward as that may sound it is in fact a complex area of business strategy that includes things such as product development, innovation, branding, promotion, advertising, distribution, pricing, customer service, customer experience and sales. The following are common marketing strategies.
Advertising Strategy
A plan to pay to reach customers with a message.
Branding Strategy
Developing an identity for products and services.
Channel Strategy
Plans for reaching the customer through channels such as retail, mobile apps and ecommerce.
Collaboration Strategies
Strategies that involve collaboration with customers, influencers, partners and users.
Customer Experience
Strategies that address the realities of your products and services from the customer perspective.
Customer Marketing
Plans for customer relationships, loyalty and selling more to existing customers.
Demand Generation
Promotional strategies designed to increase revenue in the short term.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Plans to leverage digital technologies such as digital advertising, social media and ecommerce.
Distribution Strategy
A plan to reach customers to sell to them.
Engagement Strategy
Plans to increase customer interactions.
Event Marketing Strategy
Plans to promote products at events.
Go-to-market Strategy
Plans for launching new products and achieving initial market share.
Growth Strategy
Plans for new products or expanded distribution and market share.
Inbound Strategies
Plans to build great things and wait for customers to come to you.
Incentives Strategy
Giving sales teams strong incentives to sell.
Internal Branding
Strategies for engaging your employees in your brand.
Local Marketing Strategy
Strategies for reaching customers and communities in the places where you sell.
Location Strategy
Strategies to develop new locations or to retire locations.
Market Development
Planning to enter new markets.
Market Segmentation
Identifying multiple target markets and tailoring things for them.
Marketing Mix
Developing value propositions based on product, price, place and promotion variations.
Outbound Strategy
Strategies for reaching out to prospective customers.
Partner Strategy
Plans to establish and sustain sales partnerships such as channel partners.
Penetration Strategy
A plan for increasing market share.
Pricing Strategy
Pricing products to achieve goals such as revenue and brand status.
Product Development
Plans to develop or improve products.
Product Marketing
Promotional strategies at the product level.
Promotion Strategy
Plans to reach customers with messages to promote your brand and products.
Public Relations Strategy
Plans to manage communication with all stakeholders including customers.
Referral Strategy
Strategies for earning referrals from customers.
Retention Strategy
Plans to reduce customer loss.
Sales Strategy
A strategy to sell to customers with sales teams.
Target Audience
Determining your target customers for communications, promotion and advertising efforts.
Target Market
Determining your target customers for products and services.
Test Marketing
Strategies for testing elements of the marketing mix in the real world.
Value Proposition
Plans to establish a unique and valuable selling proposition.

Marketing Strategy

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