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36 Examples of Product Metrics

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Product metrics are measurements of product marketing and product management results. This includes measures of revenue, sales, costs, quality, customer behavior and customer experience. Product metrics are commonly used to measure strategy, goals and performance. They can also be benchmarked against competitors. The following are common product metrics.
Revenue per customer
Monthly recurring revenue
Net revenue retention
Gross margins
Unit cost
Customer satisfaction
Customer churn rate
Average selling price
Customer retention rate
Repeat purchase rate
Customer loyalty
Consumer purchase frequency
Active users
Feature adoption rate
Activation rate
Market share
Market penetration
Customer acquisition cost
Customer lifetime value
Customer returns
Customer complaints
Defect rate
Cost of quality
Product ratings
Brand recognition
Brand awareness
Revenue growth rate
New customer growth rate
Conversion rate
Win rate
Inventory turnover
Stockout rate
Channel performance
Partner performance
Customer perceptions
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Many of the metrics above are explained in more detail here:
Active Users
Brand Awareness
Brand Recognition
Conversion Rate
Cost Of Quality
Customer Loyalty
Defect Rate
Gross Margins
Market Penetration
Market Share
Product Marketing
Product Metrics
Revenue Examples
Unit Cost
Win Rate
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