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20 Examples of Team Analysis

Team analysis is the systematic study of team performance, processes and culture. Perhaps the most popular format for this is a swot analysis wherein teams brainstorm their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The following common examples of team analysis.
SWOT analysis
Team self-assessments
Team interviews
Surveys and questionnaires
Observing team interactions
Analysis of team processes
Gap analysis to identify improvements for processes and team performance
Analysis of team performance data
Team productivity analysis
Team measurements and key performance indicators
Team benchmarking – comparing team performance to best known results
Job analysis
Team role analysis to find gaps, bottlenecks and imbalances
Lessons learned analysis
Peer feedback
Appreciative inquiry – looking at what is working on a team and how it can be scaled
Team simulations – simulated activities to measure team performance
Team culture analysis – listing de facto team habits, norms, expectations and values
Reverse brainstorming – list what may go wrong for the team in future
Case studies – an in-depth analysis of team challenges, problems and success stories
Lessons learned is also a popular type of team analysis wherein teams evaluate the successes and failures of a project, time period or initiative.
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