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54 Examples of Communication Experience

Communication experience includes any written, verbal, non-verbal and visual communication that you deliver. Technically speaking everyday experiences such as conversation and listening are communication experiences. The following is a list of communication experiences that may be relevant in a professional and academic context.
Chairing a committee
Class discussions
Closing sales
Collaborating on a research project
Composing a press release
Conducting a webinar
Crafting proposals
Creating an action plan
Cross-functional collaboration
Defending a thesis
Delivering a performance review
Delivering an analysis report
Documenting a problem
Documenting meeting minutes
Documenting requirements for a project
Drafting a meeting agenda
Giving media interviews
Giving presentations
Handling customer complaints
Handling difficult situations such as terminating an employee
Hosting an event
Influencing executive management
Interviewing job candidates
Leading a coding effort
Leading a group project
Leading a study group
Negotiating contracts or prices
Organizing a protest
Organizing a work event
Participating in a debate
Participation in team building
Pitching a proposal
Podcasting and other media creation
Posting on your company’s social media account
Presenting at an industry conference
Providing consulting services for a client
Providing customer service
Providing feedback to a colleague
Public speaking
Resolving conflicts
Running a meeting
Solving a problem or making a decision as a group
Supervising employees
Turning around customer dissatisfaction
Visualizing information for a client
Volunteering that involves community interaction
Writing a white paper
Writing and optimizing marketing copy
Writing essays
Writing for a school newspaper
Writing instructions
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