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48 Examples of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a type of software that handles a broad range of sales, marketing and customer support functions. These platforms act as a customer database and typically implement all major processes that involve the customer. CRM products are amongst the largest, most popular and most complex platforms available and may offer industry verticals such as retail CRM features such as point of sale. The following are examples of common features offered by CRM products.
Account Management
Billing & Invoicing
Call Center Management
Campaign Management
Case Management – tracking customer requests
Channel Management
Contact Management
Contract Management
Customer Analytics
Customer Database
Customer Feedback Management
Customer Profiling
Customer Segmentation
Customer Self Service
Customer Service Management
Customer Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Tracking
Direct Marketing / Email Marketing
Event Management
Field Service Management
Help Desk Management
Inventory Management
Lead Management / Lead Scoring
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Automation
Opportunity Management
Order Management
Partner Relationship Management
Pipeline Management
Pricing Analytics
Product Analytics
Quote Management
Returns Management
Sales Analytics
Sales Forecasting
Sales Incentive Compensation
Sales Operations
Sales Performance Management
Sales Planning
Sales Tracking
Sales Training
Service Level Agreements
Social Media Management
Support Automation
Territory Management
Ticket Management
Voice of the Customer – collection and analysis of customer feedback such as reviews
Work Order Management
Workflow Automation
CRM is often used in the field by salespeople and field service technicians and is typically oriented towards mobile.
CRM platforms can be quite large scale alongside the largest of enterprise software platforms such as ERP.

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