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7 Examples of User Engagement

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User engagement is the degree to which users find products, services and processes interesting or useful. This is typically measured by time spent interacting with your products and user satisfaction with that time spent. In other words, if a user spends their Saturday trying to fix a problem with your product that's not considered engagement. The following are illustrative examples of user engagement.


A user who finds that an app is easy to use. For example, users may quickly give up on tools or environments that aren't immediately learnable.

Look & Feel

Products and services that are attractive to look at and/or touch.


Information that is engaging such as well crafted storytelling.


Tools and environments that are game-like.


People are more likely to engage products and services that are socially stimulating such as an app that all your friends use that allows for social interaction.


Allowing users to contribute things such that they feel apart of it. For example, a tool that allows users to design and share a new look and feel for your product.


Products and services that accomplish user goals are most likely to be engaging. For example, a mobile device that a user depends on for information, communication and work productivity.
Overview: User Engagement
The degree to which users find products, services and processes interesting or useful.
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