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10 Step Product Management Process

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Product management is the end-to-end process of developing and marketing products throughout their lifecycle from concept to retirement. The product management process includes two distinct practices that overlap considerably: product development and product marketing. Product development is the process of taking a product from concept to production. Product marketing are the customer facing aspects of selling a product. The following is a basic product management process.

Market Research

Discovering a valuable market fit for a product given your brand and business capabilities.

Product Strategy

Developing product objectives, strategy and requirements.

Product Development

Designing, experimenting, testing and refining the product.

Product Launch

Developing and executing go-to-market strategies that include operations and product marketing.


The process of developing and managing a product brand.

Customer Experience

Managing the end-to-end elements of customer experience including intangibles such as friendly and diligent customer service.


Communicating the product to customers including goals such as brand awareness and demand generation.


Managing pricing strategy as a tool of demand generation, revenue optimization and product lifecycle management.


Managing sales and distribution channels.


The process of generating leads, developing opportunities and closing sales.
Overview: Product Management Process
The process of developing and marketing a product throughout its lifecycle from launch to retirement.
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