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19 Examples of Product Positioning

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Product positioning is the identity and value of a product or service that allow it to stand out in a competitive market. It is defined with a set of customer needs in mind and includes elements such as brand identity, brand image, features and quality. The following are illustrative examples of product positioning.


The flower shop with the most variety and selection in the neighborhood.


A restaurant that's obsessed with healthy and unique ingredients that feel nutritious.


A mid-priced family vehicle that positions itself as the safest on the market with safety features more commonly seen in luxury cars.


A brand known for outlandish styles of shoes designed to appeal to women in their early 20s.


A video game system that is designed to have the fastest performance on the market at its launch.


Furniture designed to optimize the space in a tiny apartment.


A city bicycle with a reputation for reliability.


Tissue paper that is slightly better quality than that other major brands on the market.


A surfboard with reasonable quality and the lowest price on the market.


A line of running shoes promoted by a popular athlete.


A consulting firm with a small team of machine learning experts who are each recognized in the IT industry for their know-how.

Problem Solving

A security appliance that is known for its ability to stop a wide range of information security threats including zero-day exploits.


A brand of soap formulated to be extremely mild with a brand name, visual branding and advertising designed to suggest a mild and pure image.


A renewable energy company known for its positive impact on the environment and communities.


A brand of luggage known for its brand legacy, quality and high prices.


A line of toys that allow people to create diy robots with interoperable parts that allow for endless possibilities.


A fashion brand that appeals to normcore customers.


A brand of cosmetics that appeals to a cute aesthetic that is slightly odd but quite popular with a particular target market.


A message app designed with features that protect customer privacy.
Overview: Product Positioning
Definition (1)
Aspects of a product that appeal to a unique set of customer needs.
Definition (2)
The unique identity and value of a product or service relative to the competition.
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