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92 Examples of Lifestyle

 , updated on July 04, 2023
Lifestyle is a way of life established by a society, culture, group or individual. This includes patterns of behavior, interaction, consumption, work, activity and interests that describe how a person spends their time. The following are common elements of lifestyle.


The traditions and shared experiences valued by a group. For example, the holidays, pastimes, music and art that you enjoy.


Shared expectations of behavior. This includes things like rules of politeness, courtesy and civility that you follow.

Town & Country

The place that you live tends to impact your lifestyle. For example, living in a large cosmopolitan city versus a remote island with an excellent beach.


Your profession and working style. For example, an artist who works at home on their own time versus working on a strict schedule within a system of rules that is beyond your control.


How you get around. For example, a long commute on a highway that is prone to traffic jams versus someone who can walk to work on a pleasant street.


Your behavior as a consumer. For example, a shopaholic versus a minimalist consumer.


Your approach to securing financial resources for the future. For example, living below your means to save and invest conservatively versus aggressive spending and/or risk taking.

Peak Experiences

The habit of seeking experiences that you view as personally fulfilling in areas such as travel and adventure.

Personal Reflection

The habit of taking time to explore thoughts and ideas.


Enjoying fictional realities such as reading, films, video games and theme parks.

Religion & Spirituality

Participation in an organized religion and/or pursuit of spirituality.


Your patterns of information consumption such as your internet and reading habits. For example, a person who spends 6 hours a day reading fashion blogs can view this as a significant element of their lifestyle.


Your level of health and efforts to stay or become healthy.


Your level of physical fitness and activity level including participation in sports and recreation.


How you eat. For example, preparing healthy food at home and viewing meals as a social activity.


Your experience of nature and your impact on it.

Hobbies & Activities

Your pursuit of interests such as a hobby.


How you dress and view fashion.


Social fulfillment in areas such as friendship, community and family.

Social Status

Your status within the community and other groups such as your family, work, profession and cultures. Social status is more than giving the appearance of wealth and can include things like physical appearance or the respect you get as a professional or family member. Lifestyle also includes your attitude towards social status such as the ability to transcend worrying what others think.

Lifestyle Examples

The following are examples of specific lifestyles and lifestyle factors.
Animal lovers
Artistic life
Beauty enthusiasts
Bohemians – unconventional people
Business life
Career focused individuals
Community life
Conformists and collectivists
Country living and small town life
Creative life
Cultured living – interested in cultural things such as aesthetics
Cultures – the lifestyle associated with a culture such as American Culture
DIY enthusiasts
Empty nesters – parents of adult children who moved out
Entrepreneurial life
Family focused individuals
Fashion cliques
Film enthusiasts
Fitness life
Food life such as diet
Geek culture
Gossip life – interested in information about people
Hobby life
Home and gardening life
Home workers
Joiners – prefers time to be organized by others
Leisure life
Married life
Media consumers – consume much media
Media life such as influencers
Middle class
Morning people
Multigenerational households
Music lovers and music scenes
Nature life
Nighthawks – stay up late
Nomads and digital nomads
Outdoor adventurers
Parenting life
People person
Political life such as activism
Pop culture fans
Professional life
Progressive lifestyle – embraces constant change
Pursuit of epic experience
Pursuit of self-improvement
Pursuit of self-indulgence
Recreation life such as sailing
Relaxed attitude to time
Relaxed attitude to work and responsibility
Religious life
Retro life – pursues a lifestyle from the past
Self-care and wellness subcultures
Simple living
Single life
Social butterflies
Social isolation
Social justice campaigners
Social life
Spiritual life
Sporting life
Sports fans
Status seekers
Student life
Subculture pursuits such as cosplay
Takes on roles and responsibilities
Technology life
Time poor, money rich
Traditional lifestyle
Travel life
Upper class
Urban life
Virtue signalers – pursues social status with communication alone
Volunteer life
Work hard, play hard
Work life
Working class
Working poor
It is important to note that lifestyle isn't always a choice. For example, poverty forces an austere lifestyle and can create a large number of problems that may prevent you from living the way that you'd like.
Overview: Lifestyle
A way of life.
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