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What is Work Hard, Play Hard?

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Work hard, play hard is a lifestyle or culture that embraces long hours of work followed by social and leisure activities such that individuals don't get much rest or time for quiet reflection. The following are illustrative examples.


Work hard, play hard is associated with professions that require extensive relationship building. For example, in some cultures there is a tradition whereby salespeople are expected to wine and dine clients.


The term work hard, play hard suggests that by working hard your leisure time is more interesting as you'll have money to spend. This can be extended to the materialistic idea that money buys happiness.

Team Culture

Teams that have a considerable number of social events and other activities with the expectation or norm that team members will usually attend. For example, a small fashion label that organizes or participates in a large number of events to build brand awareness or establish social status in a particular community.


The work hard, play hard lifestyle is associated with the culture of nations and cities. A financial capital is typically buzzing with social and leisure activity every night of the week that can be attractive to workers with discretionary income.


Work hard, play hard can become a performance issue or risk as rest is required to maintain mental capabilities. For example, a pilot who regularly fails to get adequate rest between flights might be at high risk for human error.
Overview: Work Hard, Play Hard
A lifestyle or culture that embraces long hours of work followed by social and leisure activities at the expensive of rest and relaxation.
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