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14 Types of Lifestyle Brand

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A lifestyle brand is a brand designed to appeal to a particular way of life. The following are common types of lifestyle brand.


Appealing to a set of values such as a line of cleaning products designed to be environmentally friendly.


Brands that appeal to a particular family situation. For example, busy working parents might appreciate a brand of easy to prepare meals that are healthy but tasty from the perspective of children.


Brands that embody a sense of safety and security such as a car manufacturer who builds a reputation and image for safe cars.


Associating with a sense of community and belonging such as a regional bank that emphasizes its local contributions to employment and worthy causes.


A fashion brand that appeals to a particular sense of style.

City vs County

Brands that appeal to a city lifestyle such as an chain of urban coffee shops or a country lifestyle such as a brand of pickup trucks.


Targeting a profession such as headphones that appeal to musicians.

Life Stage

An age group such as students or retirees.


A particular set of goals such individuals who are ambitious in their careers.


Economic circumstances and choices such as customers on a tight budget.


Some customers strongly prefer natural ingredients or materials as opposed to things that sound like chemicals in products such as food, cosmetics and clothing.


Brands based on interests & hobbies such as hiking or surfing.


Brands that exemplify a culture such as a chain of American style dinners in Japan.


Appealing to a subculture such as surfers or football fans.
Overview: Lifestyle Brand
Definition (1)
A brand designed to appeal to a particular way of life.
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