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72 Examples of Visual Marketing

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Visual marketing is the process of using visual media such as graphics, videos, printed materials, packaging, digital and physical environments to establish a brand, engage customers and sell products and services. Customers tend to be highly visual can be greatly influenced by visual communication and identity. This can include bright loud visuals designed to attract attention or stylish visuals designed to convey brand image or product information. The following are common types of visual marketing.

Visual Branding

Visual branding is the process of trying to establish a unique visual identity for a group of products and services that allow them to stand out in a crowded market with a unique value proposition and image.

Social Media Graphics

Generating brand awareness, customer engagement and sales by posting visual content in social media often in collaboration with influencers, customers and key employees.

Video Marketing

Creating, supporting and sponsoring videos including promotions, product information, reviews, unboxing videos and in-depth brand and product stories.

Print Visuals

Printing promotional materials such as direct mail and marketing collaterals such as business cards and catalogs.


Advertising is the process of paying to get a message to an audience. This is often but not always highly visual. In many cases, the sole purpose of advertising is to establish brand recognition as customers are more likely to choose brands they recognize based on brand name and visual identity.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is the process of designing retail spaces from a marketing perspective. This can be quite an extensive process that includes the entire interior of a shop or it can relate to the small section of shelf space assigned to a brand.


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