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15 Elements of Brand Marketing

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Brand marketing is the process of developing an identity for products and services in order to sell to your target market. The following are common elements of brand marketing.

Brand Concept

The foundational idea behind your brand. Ideally this represents a valuable position that is meaningful to customers in a crowded market.

Mission & Vision

Why does your brand exist? How does it make the future better?

Brand Identity

Defining everything you want your customers to think and feel about your brand.

Brand Promise

A direct promise to address customer needs. For example, a brand of bicycle tires that promise to last for 10,000 miles.

Visual Branding

Making sure that your brand is easy to recognize from elements such as brand name, logos, slogans, packaging, product design, environments and marketing messages.

Brand Recognition

The ability of customers to recognize your brand from visual elements such as a product package. Customers commonly purchase products they recognize over products they don't.

Brand Awareness

The ability of customers to recall your brand from its attributes. For example, the percentage of customers who name your brand in response to the question "can you name a brand of organic coffee?"

Brand Image

If brand identity is how you want customers to think about your brand, brand image is what they actually think.

Brand Storytelling

Promoting brand recognition, brand awareness and brand image with storytelling. For example, an authentic story about your early failures and challenges and what you learned as a firm.


The respect you get from customers based on your behavior and performance. For example, a brand with a reputation for quality because its products do what is expected and don't easily break.

Internal Branding

The process of engaging your employees with your brand identity. It is generally impossible to achieve a brand strategy without your employees buying in. For example, if you want to be the friendliest airline, this requires significant effort from employees.

Brand Architecture

Managing the structure of brand extensions and brand families.

Brand Loyalty

Customers who consistently purchase your brand over other options. This is a reward for building up brand awareness, identity and reputation.

Brand Insistence

Customers who will only purchase your brand in a particular product category.

Brand Equity

The value of a brand if it were to be sold.
Overview: Brand Marketing
The process of developing an identity for products and services in order to sell to your target market.
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