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10 Types of Local Marketing

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Local marketing is any marketing strategy that targets customers by a finely grained location such as a city or neighborhood. It is used by small local businesses to conserve resources and develop unique advantages by reaching the customers closest to them. Local marketing can also be used by large firms as a micromarketing strategy. The following are common types of local marketing.


Advertising and promotion designed to reach people who are physically present in a location such as a neighborhood. Promotion may be highly targeted for locals. For example, a local celebrity may be recruited to pitch a product.


Sourcing local products, services, components and ingredients. For example, a cafe may advertise local ingredients on its menu.


In many cases, local marketing is based on customer relationships. For example, a salesperson may frequent the same restaurants, nightlife spots and community organizations as customers.

Products & Services

Products and services that meet local needs. For example, a store close to a beach might stock beach balls.

Community Involvement

Getting involved in local culture, causes and events.


Developing a unique position relative to other local businesses. For example, a flower shop that develops a local competitive advantage for weddings.


Using local knowledge to establish an effective distribution network. For example, a flower shop that develops partnerships with local wedding planners.

Customer Experience

The intangible elements of a product or service that have value to locals. For example, a bartender who remembers customer's names.

Customer Satisfaction

Repeat business and word of mouth are often critical competitive factors for local business.


A small firm can establish valuable brand awareness within a city or neighborhood. In many cases, brand names, visual symbols and brand storytelling may feature local references.
Overview: Local Marketing
A target market based on customers in a city or neighborhood.
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