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14 Types of Alliance Marketing

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Alliance marketing is an agreement to enter into a shared marketing strategy between two or more organizations. Such agreements are typically between non-competing firms but can also include agreements between competitors. The following are common types of marketing alliance:


Advertising such as a video commercial or poster with multiple brands.


Firms that support social or environmental causes with joint initiatives.

Distribution Agreements

An agreement to distribute another firm's products. A common strategy to reach international markets without the cost of developing a distribution network.

Reseller Agreements

Agreeing to sell the products of another firm such as the soft drinks sold at a fast food restaurant.


Licensing a song, cartoon character, personality rights, trademark or brand for use in your products or advertising.


Agreements for joint sales and promotional strategies such as a destination marketing agreement between an airline and a local tourism marketing board. The ads of the airline may feature the destination and the ads of the tourism board may feature the airline's brand symbols.

Press Releases

It is common for firms to issue joint press releases that highlight some shared initiative. In many cases, these are successful at generating media and social media attention.

Product Development

One product that features another such as a car that has premium brand speakers.

Technology Alliances

Firms that share technology standards in hopes of improving the chances of widespread adoption.

Loyalty Programs

Shared loyalty programs where you earn points from both businesses on the same account.

Product Bundling

Product bundling such as getting a 2 year subscription to a streaming service when you purchase a particular television.

Event Sponsorships

Co-sponsoring promotional events such as industry conferences.

Referral Programs

Referral programs such as a solar panel installer that provides all customers with a pamphlet for a security systems installer that earns a commission when one of its customers joins the other service.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Combining operations to save costs on supplies. For example, two large sushi chains in New York City that agree to share a supply chain for fresh fish.
Overview: Alliance Marketing
An agreement to enter into a shared marketing strategy between two or more organizations.
Reduced cost, potential for increased impact
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