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Base Case


3 Examples of Procedures

A procedure is an established way of doing something. These are often defined for work situations that recur many times such that coming up with a standard approach can improve efficiency, productivity or optimize for a goal such as safety or revenue. The following are illustrative examples of a procedure.


The most common and direct way to document a procedure is a textual set of instructions. These may include both general guidelines for work and specific steps that must be completed.


Procedures are often presented as worksheets that can be filled out as you complete work. These may capture data or act as an audit trail to confirm work was done according to standard practices.

Policy & Procedure

A policy is a set of rules or guidelines that are adopted by an organization, group, institution or government. These are often intertwined with procedures such that they are commonly captured by the same document known as policy & procedures.


The examples above are purely illustrative -- they are aren't actual procedures.
Overview: Procedures
Definition (1)
An established way of doing something.
Definition (2)
A documented set of guidelines and steps for completing work.
Also Known As
Standard Operating Procedures
Policy & Procedures
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