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27 Examples of Planning Skills

 , December 27, 2019 updated on January 02, 2020
Planning skills are talents, experience and knowledge related to mapping out and executing the steps required to meet an objective or goal. The following are illustrative examples.

Goal Setting

The process of setting goals and objectives that become the targets of your plans.
Developed sales targets that were accepted by marketing, sales, operations and the CFO.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the development of plans to achieve goals in a competitive environment.
Developed a $1.2 million business expansion plan for a family restaurant business.

Business Planning

The process of planning investments in a business by producing a business plan or business case.
Delivered a business case for a $900,000 investment in core IT infrastructure that was approved by executive management.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is the process of developing information artifacts.
Benchmarked the cost of data center operations against industry averages.

Time Management

Time management is the practice of making better use of time.
Prioritized change requests to deliver those that were high value or urgent. Reduced turnaround time for high priority requests by 65% to 4 business days.

Managing Expectations

Managing commitments to others and communicating to avoid a mismatch between stakeholder expectations and the realities of what you are delivering.
Managed competing demands to deliver a business case that was accepted by all stakeholders.

Setting Expectations

Setting expectations for others commitments to you.
Tracked performance to plan and immediately managed any shortfalls in delivery.

Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, directing and controlling projects.
Developed a project plan for a $23.4 million transportation infrastructure construction project.


Estimating cost and duration of work.
Developed cost and duration estimates for a complex software development project with more then 400 requirements.


Developing reasonable predictions of the future.
Forecast sales and planned production for a line of snow goggles with turnover of 150,000 units a year.

Financial Analysis

Developing financial metrics, controls and budgets.
Performed a return on investment analysis for a construction project of 190 residential units.


Procurement is the process of researching and purchasing materials, goods and services.
Developed a request for proposal for a $7 million solar power system project.

Meeting Management

The process of conducting meetings.
Lead a series of intensive design charrettes that produced 12 candidate product updates in three days.

Event Planning

Planning events such as industry conferences or major meetings.
Planned the annual company kickoff event attended by all employees.


Communication to stakeholders is a basic element of planning.
Communicated plan and achieved stakeholder acceptance.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the practice of capturing, securing, communicating and using knowledge.
Secured all project documents, communications, deliverables and audit trail items in a knowledge management system.


Organization is a broad term for the process of applying structure and design to things so that they are less chaotic.
Developed a vendor scorecard that was used to evaluate the performance of suppliers.


The process of organizing tasks with respect to time.
Developed a schedule for hundreds of preventative maintenance tasks each month.


Orchestrating the work of teams.
Coordinated the installation process for the network infrastructure of an $18 million data center.

Risk Management

Identifying and treating risk.
Identified and managed risks to reduce risk exposure by $345,000.

Tactical Planning

Tactical planning is the ongoing process of seizing opportunities and managing issues as they arise.
Developed and executed a tactical plan to buy a competitors brand at a remarkably low price when they unexpectedly went out of business. Achieved an immediate return on investment of 182%.

Contingency Planning

Contingency planning is the process of pre-planning for things that may or may not occur.
Developed contingency plans for potential information security issues.


Monitoring work to plan.
Monitored task progress and promptly resolved issues.


Implementing internal controls such as processes, practices, procedures and systems.
Implemented segregation of duties for approval and reconciliation of expenses.


Adhering to laws, regulations, standards, best practices and internal controls.
Implemented controls to achieve quality standards certification for manufacturing operations.


Developing measurements for decision making, problem solving and communicating to stakeholders.
Measured the turnaround time of the billing inquiry process.


The process of reporting results, conditions, risks and issues to stakeholders.
Created and communicated a project dashboard that communicated key project metrics such as forecast budget and schedule variance.

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