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16 Examples of Work Planning

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Work planning is the process of developing an action plan to deliver a set of requirements. This suggests a one time initiative of change that isn't repeated as with a business process. Work planning also suggests a lightweight process that is less than what you would do to plan a full project. The following are common examples of what can be included in work planning followed by a template.
Identify scope
Identify stakeholders
Work objectives
Gather requirements
Prioritize requirements
Create a task & activity list
Estimate effort, time & cost
Identify dependencies
Estimate resources
Work assignments
Work schedule
Work budget
Identify milestones
Identify risks
Quality control plan
Key success factors
Scope indicates what you will do as part of the work. This also carefully documents what is out of scope and all of your assumptions and constraints.
Not all of the examples above would be included in all work plans. The emphasis here is that some work doesn't require a full project. If you start adding more than is listed above, you are approaching the complexity of full project management.


The following example can be used as a template for a work plan.

Work Plan

Work Description
Update the corporate website to reflect the new brand guidelines.

Corporate communications
Brand marketing team

Work Objectives
Update all pages on the corporate site to reflect the new brand guidelines including compliance with logos, colors, fonts and language around the brand.

Out of Scope
This update will address static web resources such as html and images. Updates to dynamic web pages such as the ecommerce site are out of scope.

Work Tasks
Completion Date
Gap Analysis
Analysis of all pages on the corporate site to list non-compliances with the new brand guidelines.
July 15, 2030
Site Update
Using the gap analysis, all pages will be updated.
September 15, 2030
User Testing
The brand marketing and corporate communications team will manually view every page on site and confirm that they match the brand guidelines. Any defects will be fixed and retested.
October 15, 2030
The updated pages will be launched to production.
October 19, 2030

Key Success Factors
Stakeholder satisfaction
On-time delivery
No defects in production

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