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37 Examples of Communication Risk

Communication risk is the potential for losses due to communication failures. These include messages that are poorly received such that they damage your trust, relationships and business. Communication risk also includes a failure to communicate whereby you could make a problem far worse by not engaging others openly. The following are common examples of communication risks.
Creating controversy
Generating conflict
Damaged reputation
Damaged brand
Legal issues
Compliance failure
Failure to management expectations
Inappropriate humor
Rumors and gossip
Damaged trust
Reduced customer satisfaction
Loss of customers
Loss of partners
Damaged stakeholder relationships
Damaged media relationships
Lack of empathy
Lack of accountability
Failure to apologize for a mistake
Disclosing private information
Inappropriate secrecy and a lack of transparency
Lack of engagement
Failure to notify customer or partners of a problem
Failure to communicate risks
Disclosing confidential information
Unnecessarily becoming involved in political battles that will alienate a large portion of your stakeholders
Conflict escalation
Osborne effect – announcing a future product that dramatically reduces sales of current products
Community protests and political action targeting your firm
Operational failures
Government and regulatory actions
Negative press and media coverage
Employee revolts
Organizational distractions and low productivity
Employee turnover
Overpromising and overcommitting
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