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67 Examples of Good Risk

A good risk is a risk that is calculated, managed and reasonable. This implies that you have considered what you are doing and are willing to face some degree of loss, difficulty or failure. Generally speaking, risk is an unavoidable aspect of life such that regularly taking good risks is ironically necessary for managing risk. For example, jogging has a risk that you will be injured but may reduce other risks associated with a lethargic lifestyle. The following are examples of risks that are potentially good.
Accepting a job
Adventure sports
Allowing others to influence you
Asking for forgiveness
Attending events
Being honest with someone
Brave fashions
Business expansion
Business experiments
Business ventures
Buying a house
Career change
Challenging groupthink
Challenging mediocrity
Creative expression e.g. painting
Crossing the street
Deploying new technologies
Diy projects
Educational pursuits
Expanding into a new market
Facing a fear
Fitness pursuits
Forgiving others
Having children
Helping someone in need
Home renovation
Hosting a party or event
Introducing yourself
Launching new products
Life change
Living Abroad
Making suggestions
Networking & relationship building
Opening up
Pitching ideas
Planning outings
Political engagement
Public speaking
Pursuit of experience
Quitting a job [potentially positive]
Quitting a school [potentially positive]
Reinventing your lifestyle
Reinventing your routine
Seeking help
Side businesses
Solo activities
Solo travel
Standing up for yourself
Starting a business
Starting a family
Starting a non-profit
Taking on challenging work assignments
Taking on leadership roles
Taking on responsibilities
Taking people's recommendations
Trying a sport
Trying new foods
Trying new hobbies
Venturing brave ideas
Venturing humor
Working hard e.g. going for promotion
Overview: Good Risk Examples
A risk that is calculated, managed and reasonable.
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