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5 Examples of Amor Fati

Amor fati is acceptance of everything that happens in one's life, both good and bad. This is a Latin phrase that can be translated "love of fate." The following are illustrative examples of how this idea is applied.


Fatalism is the idea that we're powerless as everything that we do is predetermined by factors such as our circumstances and nature. In this context, amor fati is acceptance that you have no control whatsoever over life.


Defeatism is the idea that trying hard to improve is likely to fail so it is better to avoid risk and minimize effort. To a defeatist, amor fati is acceptance of the status quo, no matter how bleak, because trying to change things will surely only make things worse.


Amor fati can be used as an excuse for complacency with the idea that it is easier to accept your circumstances than to change them.


Stoicism is the idea that it doesn't matter if you have bad luck or good because it is only your virtuous response to each situation that matters. This resembles amor fati because a stoic never complains of misfortune. However, a stoic is also not satisfied with good fortune as they are only concerned with their own behavior. In other words, the only thing that pleases a stoic is virtue and they are indifferent to their fate.


Optimism is the belief that life is fundamentally good such that opportunities are everywhere and seemingly bad things may have a bright side. An optimist can typically embrace their fate as misfortunes are seen as challenges that drive personal growth.
Overview: Amor Fati
Acceptance of everything that happens in one's life, both good and bad.
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