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11 Examples of Process Goals

Process goals are targets for what you do. This can be contrasted with outcome goals that specify what you want to achieve. Outcome goals set direction and inspire motivation where process goals are specific and actionable. Setting outcome goals without process goals is considered a poor practice. The following are common examples of process goals.


Cut back on high carbohydrate foods and exercise an hour a day. Outcome goal: lose 10 pounds.


Establish a study schedule for midterms that includes 15 hours per subject. Achieve the schedule by completely focusing on studying in each session without distraction. Outcome goal: GPA of 4.0.

Career Aspirations

Position myself for a career in the technology industry by improving my marks in computers, algebra and calculus. Long term goals: Computer Science degree, career related to coding or artificial intelligence.


Improve my burst speed and shooting with more ice time and intensive drills in the off season. Outcome goal: be the top scorer on my ice hockey team next season.


Take on important projects and deliver them to expectations, demonstrate leadership, achieve high visibility and be responsive to stakeholders. Outcome goal: promotion to management.


Launch new bicycle helmet that is intuitive and easy to wear and adjust. Background: strap adjustment and attachment is the number one customer complaint with current product. Outcome goal: improve reviews on ecommerce to 4 stars, improve unit sales by 20% to 810,000 units a year.


Learn how to code in Ruby by moving the intranet site to Ruby on Rails. Outcome goal: list Ruby on resume, ability to code in Ruby and serve as technical lead or architect for Ruby projects.


Deliver project to plan, quickly clear issues and manage stakeholder perceptions. Outcome goal: project delivered to budget and schedule, high stakeholder satisfaction.


Try to view people with a sense of positivity, patience, understanding, kindness and forgiveness to avoid negative emotions such as anger. Outcome goal: be happier with my behavior, reduce stress levels.

Quality of Life

Take a short break every 20 minutes when engaged with a repetitive task such as data entry. Outcome goal: Reduce my risk of repetitive stress injury.

People & Planet

Introduce a right to know bill that requires neighbors and employees to be informed of chemical use on farms. Outcome goal: passage of the bill into law, increase transparency regarding the use of hazardous chemicals in communities and on the job.

Process Goals vs Performance Goals

Process goals state what you will do but not how you will perform. Performance goals provide specific and measurable targets for your performance.

It makes sense to set outcome, process and performance goals as a set. Examples of this can be seen here.
Overview: Process Goals
Targets for what you do.
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