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45 Examples of Big Goals

Big goals are goals that are difficult to achieve. This is designed to fight the frightening mediocrity of smart goals -- whereby you only set short term goals that are easy to achieve and measure. Big goals need not be measurable. They need not be achievable. They are rarely short term. Big goals offer what smart goals lack, they are compelling visions of the future designed to challenge inaction, complacency, risk avoidance and unimaginative thinking. The following are illustrative examples of big goals.
Being Exceptionally Nice
Building a Business
Changing Things
Creative Expressions / Creative Output
Discovery - e.g. space travel
Doing Good
Educational Achievements
Epic Experience
Founding Things
Leading People
Leading an Industry
Mastering an Art
Overcoming a Big Problem
Personal Growth
Personal Presence
Public Speaking
Pursuit of Aesthetic Perfection
Pursuit of Happiness
Pursuit of Knowledge
Pursuit of Style
Pursuit of a Culturally Rich Life
Pursuit of a Socially Rich Life
Reaching a High Level of Performance - e.g. in sport
Reinventing a Profession
Reinventing an Art
Reinventing an Industry
Research Breakthroughs - e.g. curing a disease
Self-awareness & Self-fulfillment
Social Life
Social Status
Thriving in a Competitive Profession / Industry
Unconditional Love

Big Goals & Inaction

Big goals can be used to generate self-satisfaction without action. Saying you will go great things tomorrow isn't helpful unless it inspires action today. It can be helpful to keep big goals to yourself to avoid being congratulated for things you haven't done -- creating satisfaction without effort.


A vision is a big goal for a society, organization, institution or team. These are meant to be big but are often mediocre nonetheless.

Heliotropic Effect

The heliotropic effect is the tendency for people to move towards the most positive vision they have of themselves. This is an analogy to the tendency of plants to bend towards sunlight. Big goals can serve as a drive to move towards a brighter future even if they are too big to actually achieve.
Overview: Big Goals
A goal that is difficult to achieve.
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