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55 Examples of Personal Growth Goals

Personal growth goals are things that you plan to do to improve as a person. This can include personal, professional, creative, family, social, spiritual, health and lifestyle goals. These are usually stated as intentions for behavior. The following are illustrative examples of a personal growth goal.
Work on a creative project 2-3 times a week.
Fight for higher value work assignments.
Be more visible at work.
Spend less and save more.
Pay down debt quickly and avoid new debt.
Review the success and failures of each day to improve.
Improve work processes to do more with less time.
Care less about what others thing where it isn’t important.
Face fears to overcome them.
Get things done before breakfast.
Work in two hour periods without interruption or distraction.
Disconnect from social media.
Only consume media that is educational, creative or otherwise high quality.
Maintain high standards for how you spend my time.
Maintain a regular sleep schedule.
Eat dinner as a family each evening.
Cook a real meal at least once a day.
Maintain a healthy diet.
Take small daily risks.
Set high standards for your own behavior.
Avoid being easily self-satisfied.
Try to look at others in a positive light.
Practice forgiveness.
Find public speaking opportunities.
Push into important projects at work.
Master a language.
Pursue travel experiences.
Enjoy the journey, including all the obstacles.
Embrace the mess – stop seeking perfection in yourself and others.
Challenge your own complacency.
Focus on things that you can change and accept the rest.
Prioritize time for spiritual wellness.
Be curious and pursue research.
Have the confidence to use what you know without deferring to advice from others.
Try to be open-minded.
Consider every issue from multiple perspectives.
Do hard things such as exercise that make the rest of the day feel easier.
Achieve new personal bests in sport and recreational pursuits.
Pursue a hobby or interest that you find fulfilling.
Seek mastery in your work and hobbies.
Don’t easily commit to things but deliver when you do.
View the absurdities of life with a sense of humor.
Try to spark joy in others.
Notice your failures and try not to repeat them.
Respect time and fight to make good use of it.
Scale what works.
Experiment and test things out.
Follow others once in a while.
Take the lead where there is a need.
Dare to be different even if it means you may be misunderstood.
Pursue your sense of style and self without apology
Pursue your creative vision
Be useful as opposed to seeking power, status and recognition.
Keep goals to yourself so that you know you’re not doing things to impress others.
Notice how others think, feel and act.
Personal growth goals are specifically designed not to be smart goals. This is to defeat the idea that everything that is worth doing needs to be measurable.
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