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47 Examples of Personal Improvement

Personal improvement is the process of working each day to do better. This isn't some special project but is rather the process of living life in a competitive and uncertain world filled with endless opportunity. Humans want much from life -- to reach out for some perfect future that is just out of touch. This future may never arrive but the journey of improving tends to be fulfilling in itself. The following are illustrative examples of personal improvement.
Challenging your beliefs about yourself that might be limiting you.
Being curious and losing yourself in research.
Having the confidence to use your understanding of things without deferring to others.
Being open and humble to recognize what you don’t know.
Asking questions.
Not engaging in pointless activities that waste time and energies.
Taking small everyday risks such as introducing yourself.
Face fears such as public speaking.
View time as precious and life as urgent.
Blocking time for sleep and well-being.
Blocking quality time with family, friends and with yourself.
Not focusing on end-goals but rather living with intentions.
Regular exercise, recreation and sport.
Pursuit of hobbies.
Pursuit of creative expression such as writing or art.
Appreciative inquiry – looking at what’s working in your life and doing more of that rather than focusing on problems.
Cultivating imaginative aspects of life such as dreaming and day dreaming.
Healthy eating
Home cooked meals
Educational media such as podcasts.
Volunteer work
Taking on roles and responsibilities.
Becoming someone that others relies upon.
Taking accountability for problems, failures and risks.
Dealing with problems in a realistic way.
Establishing productive habits.
Cultivating many modes of thinking that are appropriate to different situations.
Retaining a youthful sense of joy and playfulness.
Monitoring your thoughts and trying to direct them in positive ways.
Growing your courage and doing increasingly brave things.
Recognizing where you are stuck and working to free yourself.
Sticking to things and seeing them through to the end – where this makes sense.
Being careful with purchases
Living below your income – if this is possible.
Saving money
Trying to see the good in others.
Supporting others and building them up.
Setting high standards for yourself.
Pursuing diligence and work-ethic.
Experimenting and testing ideas.
Trying to be surprisingly resilient to disappointment, stress and criticism.
Stepping in to lead where there is a need.
Cooperating, supporting and following leaders where this makes sense.
Finding others, potentially including historical people, who you admire as a role model.
Pursuing epic experience .. even if this is something like listening to music that happens at home.
Being nice even where there would be no repercussions if you weren’t.
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