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What is Ephemera Design?

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Ephemera design is the practice of designing things that are only intended to last a short time. The term has its roots in printed items such as invitations and greeting cards that have a limited one-time use. At one time, entertainment such as radio and television broadcasts were ephemera as they were live performances that weren't necessarily recorded and archived.
Ephemera designs are one potential way to improve information privacy. Due to the availability of cheap storage technologies, it is common for technologies to store data in centralized data repositories for extended periods of time that are often not clearly defined. In many cases, customers are attracted to services that guarantee no retention of data such as conversations, voice commands or search terms that may have little long term value but may represent a privacy risk.
Overview: Ephemera Design
Definition (1)
Designs for things that aren't intended to last long.
Definition (2)
Design of technology services to refrain from recording data on a long term basis.
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