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Architecture vs Technology Architecture

 , updated on June 04, 2016
Architecture is the design and planning of buildings and other physical structures. It involves elements of both engineering and art. Modern architecture also requires knowledge of business, law, sustainability and other areas required to deliver buildings that satisfy a variety of stakeholders within constraints such as cost.
The term architecture has been borrowed by information technology to describe a variety of professions related to the design and planning of technology. This includes areas such as software architecture, infrastructure architecture and enterprise architecture.
Each of these technology professions is primarily concerned with designing technology structures and services. Such structures and services are analogous to buildings and the basic services they provide such as heating and cooling.
Architecture vs Technology Architecture
Technology Architecture
The design and planning of buildings and other physical structures.
The design and planning of software and other technologies.
Primarily virtual
Concerned With
Widely appreciated as an art form.
Technology architecture has aesthetic qualities that are appreciated by technologists. For example, solving complex problems with surprisingly simple techniques is often described as "elegance."

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