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32 Examples of Team Feedback

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Team feedback is the process of communicating work performance and improvement information to employees. This is a critical process that improves employee engagement and retention. This is also critical to the objectives of an organization as a means to meet objectives. The following are illustrative examples of team feedback.

Positive Feedback

Providing feedback when things go well as opposed to focusing on problems.
You impressed that client, I think the deal might close.
That report you created was exactly right. The executive team found it useful.
You’re one of the most productive developers on the team. Keep it up.
We haven’t had a single callback about your work this year. That indicates that customers are usually satisfied with your work.
That change you did reduced customer complaints by more than 10%. The business really appreciates your work.
Although you didn’t win the sales award this month, I wanted you to know that you came in second and had exceptional results this month. Good job.
I’ve noticed you’re helping junior members of the team solve problems with their code. You’re really emerging as a leader on the team.
Thank you for taking on that action item.
You did well to maintain your composure with that customer. It was a stressful situation and you handled it well.
Thank you for stepping in to help clear that incident.
You are good at communicating with the business so we’d like you to take the lead on more projects.
Good work on that last project, your code was pretty much defect free. That really helped us to ship the project on time.

Constructive Feedback

Normally feedback is designed to improve performance and provide an employee with a path forward in their career. This is typically designed to be constructive whereby requests to improve are phrased in a positive light.
Great work with that customer. We have to continue to work to get those responses out within 30 minutes.
Thanks for taking on that action item. The deadline that you agreed too was a little too ambitious. Its safer to be more conservative with your commitments.
I appreciate that you took the initiative to change the design. In future, we need to consult the architect and get the design documentation updated through the official process.
Good presentation, next time can you find a few references to back up your main points?
These goals are good. Can you restructure them so that they are measurable?
I understand what you are saying in this presentation but we need to make it more direct and consumable before delivering it to the executive team.
Good work in resolving that incident, I know everyone put you under a lot of pressure. One way to try to avoid that situation is to provide regular updates that keep everyone informed.
That was a stressful service interaction and you handled the stress well. Generally speaking, we can’t accuse the customer of being untruthful like that as this is against policy and never works out well.
Good work with that customer. That was a tough product question. Maybe you could spend more time with the product team to learn to handle questions like that.
Your work has been good recently but we need to ask that you start coming to the office four days a week as this is the policy now.
Thanks for your quick response on that analysis. I noticed the totals are wrong, can you take another look at it?
Good job to complete that job on time and on schedule. However, we did get a call from the customer indicating that you left some garbage behind?

Performance Improvement Feedback

Where an employee's performance is low or they have a serious violation of policy it is not appropriate to be indirect with your feedback.
It is against policy to be absent without informing us. Going forward please inform us in advance when you will not come in to work.
I’m afraid we received a serious customer complaint about your last service interaction ....
The project was delayed because you didn’t deliver your code on time on 5 out of 6 deliverables. Going forward, I will work with you on each release to help you improve.
Your cash register didn’t balance and was out by $300. Do you recall any problems during your shift?
We received a report that you told a customer that you were going to cancel their account. I wanted you to know that this is against policy.
Attending the project meetings is mandatory for the project team. Please attend the meetings going forward.
You have to wear appropriate safety gear to remain on the job site.
Executive management have asked that you attend the governance meeting on Friday to explain how this incident occurred. Please be prepared for some tough questions.
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