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48 Examples of External Communication

External communication is any exchange of information between an organization and anyone who doesn't directly work for that organization. This is considered more sensitive than internal communications because it involves important external stakeholders such as investors, regulators, customers, partners and communities. External communications are difficult to control such that they may enter the public record where they can never be fully retracted. It is also common for competitors and the media to monitor such communications. The following are common examples of external communications.
Booths at Conferences
Brand Symbols
Broadcast Advertising
Communications with Auditors
Communications with Regulators / Government Authorities
Company News
Corporate Identity - including visual identity such as logos
Corporate Media Releases (e.g. videos / podcasts)
Corporate Website
Customer Bills
Customer Contracts
Customer Service Interactions
Digital Advertising
Direct Mail to Customers
Earnings Releases / Earnings Calls
Emails / Direct Messages to Customers
Emails / Direct Messages to Job Candidates
Employment Contracts
Investor Events
Investor Relations
Job Interviews
Job Postings
Legal Proceedings
Media Interviews
Meetings with Partners
Meetings with Vendors
Mobile App Content
Outdoor Advertising
Participation in Social Initiatives / Charity
Partner Contracts
Partner Negotiations
Political Lobbying
Presentations at Conferences
Press Releases
Product Events
Product Manuals / Support Information
Product Packaging
Recruiting Events
Regulatory Fillings
Replying to Ratings & Reviews
Retail Sales Interactions
Sales Meetings
Sales Presentations
Sales Quotations
Social Media Posts
Taxes / Financial Reporting
Overview: External Communication
Any exchange of information between an organization and anyone who doesn't directly work for that organization.
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