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55 Examples of High Performing Teams

High performing teams are teams that achieve unusually high productivity over an extended period of time. This can involve professionalism, efficient processes, commitment, passion, energy and unusual levels of talent that produce superior outcomes to comparable teams. The following are example characteristics of high performing teams.
Builds trust with stakeholders
Delivers to schedule
Delivers to budget
Delivers to commitments
Measures and reports performance
Makes timely decisions
Makes reasonable decisions based on data
Transparency & candor
Efficient meetings
High quality work outputs
High throughput of work
Fast turnaround time
Taking ownership
Owning mistakes
Not repeating failures and mistakes
Embrace of change
Leads change in an industry as opposed to copying the competition
Talented team members
No fear of criticism
Freedom from distractions
High organizational visibility
High industry visibility
Team is highly cooperative, highly competitive or both
High standards for performance
Managing low performance
Team members are self-directed and self-improving
High levels of professionalism
Management set high expectations
Aggressive levels of testing and experimentation
Calculated risk taking
Thinking big
Attention to detail
Bias for action
Cost discipline
Team members have backbone and often disagree
Respectful towards each other
Respect for the customer
Healthy fear of the competition
High degree of customer engagement and awareness
Commercial awareness
Produces impressive real world outcomes
Cuts waste and inefficiency
Intellectual humility and openness
Growth mindset and sense everyone can thrive
Ships often
Builds relationships across organization and industry
Team members credible and respected
High degree of cross-functional collaboration
Team members are trusted and given authority
Roles on team are enriching and interesting
Esprit de corps, comradery & morale
Team is not easily satisfied or driven into complacency
Recognition is tied to major accomplishments
Promotions and compensation is fair and consistent
A general impatience for mediocrity
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