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68 Examples of Team Problems

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Team problems are issues that stand in the way of team objectives such as productivity, high performance, work throughput and employee satisfaction. These are commonly brainstormed as part of team analysis processes such as a SWOT analysis. The following are common examples of a team problem.
Employees fearful to offer creative ideas
Excessive staffing
Excessive workload
Failure to deliver to commitments
Failure to manage stakeholder expectations
Fear of criticism
Frequent distractions
Group decisions with no clear accountability
Hands-off attitudes
High turnover
Inadequate training
Inappropriate secrecy and lack of candor
Inconsistent management expectations
Inconsistent performance
Ineffective feedback processes
Ineffective problem-solving
Inefficient group decision-making processes
Inefficient meetings
Insufficient onboarding
Insufficient resources
Interpersonal conflict
Lack of accountability
Lack of authority to do work
Lack of autonomy
Lack of commitment
Lack of cooperation
Lack of cross-functional collaboration with other teams
Lack of feedback
Lack of ownership
Lack of politeness and respect
Lack of processes
Lack of recognition
Lack of standards
Lack of training
Lack of transparency
Lack of trust
Low comradery and team spirit
Low motivation
Low productivity
Low professionalism
Management disconnect
Mediocrity and complacency
Negative attitudes
Negative politics
Poor communication
Poor position relative to other teams
Poor stakeholder relationships
Resistance to change
Resistance to feedback
Role ambiguity
Role overlap
Skill gaps
Slow decision making
Taking on low value work
Team narcissism
Too much or too little work-from-home
Unclear decision-making authority
Unclear goals
Unequal workload
Unfair or inadequate performance evaluations
Unfair or inadequate performance feedback
Unstated assumptions
Unusable and inefficient technology
Wasting time and poor time management practices

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