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14 Examples of High Performance

High performance is when a team or individual consistently achieves business results significantly higher than a competitive benchmark. This can be judged in a qualitative way but is more commonly linked to a measurable business result that is important to a business such as revenue or customer satisfaction. The following are illustrative examples of high performance.
A business unit that grows sales at 104% per quarter as compared to an industry benchmark of 9%.
A product development team that launches 4 products a quarter with revenue exceeding $10 million where the average across the organization is 2 products a year at this revenue level.
A salesperson who regularly closes over $1 million in recurring revenue a quarter where the average salesperson in your firm closes less than $100,000.
A hotel management team that achieves 99.2% customer satisfaction for five years in a row where the average across the hotel chain is 95%.
A customer service representative who has a 90% success rate in convincing dissatisfied customers not to close their account where the average is 23% percent.
A star developer who consistently delivers more working code than the rest of the team put together each month. The team is comprised of 16 developers in total.
A creative director for a design firm who is the only person in the firm to generate over $40 million from a single client -- a feat they have achieved with 8 different clients over the past 5 years.
A musician who is able to compose half a dozen top 25 hits during their career.
A software architect develops elegant designs that greatly reduce the overall complexity of projects resulting in reduced development time and greater software quality. This is difficult to measure but this talent is widely noted by peers nonetheless.
An IT manager who increases stakeholder satisfaction with a critical system from 66% to 90% while at the same time reducing costs by 34%.
A retail manager who has a track record of turning around low performing locations whereby they are able to increase sales by an average of 30% and customer satisfaction by an average of 8%.
An artist who makes a good living selling fine art. This would be viewed as high performance because this is a challenging business model with a high failure rate.
A small business owner who has launched 5 unusually successful restaurants.
An accountant who is both unusually diligent and productive such that they complete far more work than average as compared to their industry and team.


It is common to try to tie high performance with some specific management approach or team structure. This is improbable as teams managed different ways can achieve similar results. It is perhaps more realistic to say that high performance is based on talent and attitude.
Overview: High Performance
A team or individual that consistently achieve business results significantly higher than a competitive benchmark.
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