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5 Examples of Capacity Analysis

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Capacity analysis is the process of modeling the capacity of infrastructure, facilities, processes, services and machines. Capacity is the maximum output of an item based on its design or constraints such as available resources. The following are illustrative examples.

Production Line

Modeling the throughput of a production line. This may involve modeling the entire process with estimates for the throughput of each workstation, machine and operation to identify capacity limits.


Analysis of the effective capacity of a business process. This may consider different levels of inputs such as labor. For example, modeling the calls per hour that can be handled by a call center for different staffing configurations.


Calculating the design capacity of a facility such as the number of computing units that can be fit into a data center based on a proposed architecture for the building.


Modeling the throughput of infrastructure. For example, simulator software that is used to calculate the capacity of a rail network to validate service schedules.

Information Technology

The capacity of information technology may be modeled with performance testing. For a software platform, this may be based on the maximum concurrent users that can be supported while achieving service level objectives such as a response time target.
Overview: Capacity Analysis
The process of modeling the maximum output of an element based on its design and constraints.
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