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8 Examples of Service Capacity

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Service capacity is the volume that a service can handle while maintaining standards of quality and performance. The following are illustrative examples of service capacity.

Calls Per Minute

A particular call center can service 22 calls per minute while meeting targets such as customer satisfaction ratings.

Concurrent Users

A software platform can service 3,000 concurrent users while meeting service level objectives.

Requests Per Minute

A website can handle 1,000 requests a minute while delivering on its SLA for performance and availability.

Seating Capacity

A restaurant has seating for 90 customers.


A network service offers bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s.

Data Storage

A software service offers data storage of 4 TB per account.

Customers Per Hour

An airline counter can check in 1,200 passengers an hour with a waiting time of less than 20 minutes.

Tickets Per Hour

An IT support desk can handle 12 tickets per hour while delivering its SLA such as a mean time to repair target.
Overview: Service Capacity
The volume that a service can handle while meeting objectives in areas such as quality and performance.
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