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10 Examples of a Capacity Constraint

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A capacity constraint is a factor that prevents a business from achieving more output. These include minor bottlenecks and constrained capital, designs and resources. The following are illustrative examples of a capacity constraint.


Installed equipment that can't handle business volumes. For example, a workstation on a production line that processes 12 items a minute when the rest of the line can run at 90 items a minute.


A machine on a production line that is unreliable can reduce the effective capacity of the entire line with its downtime.


Facility space such as a data center that has no space for more equipment.


Constrained utility services such as power. For example, a data center that has plenty of space but is running at its maximum power capacity.


Land based resources such as a farm with 10 acres of land that it is fully utilized.

Computing Resources

Computing resources such as CPUs, data storage, network bandwidth and software licenses.


A constraint imposed by the design of a facility, infrastructure component, equipment or tool. For example, software that can only be deployed on a single server by design.


A constraint imposed by configuration. For example, an operating system that is configured to a maximum of 12 network connections that is constraining an application that requires at least 256 network connections.


An airline would like to add more flights out of Madrid but can't obtain the required gates from an airport authority.

Human Resources

A consulting firm has excess demand for its information security consultants but finds it is difficult to hire qualified employees to expand the business.
Overview: Capacity Constraint
A factor that prevents a business from achieving more output.
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