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Corporate Governance

20+ Corporate Governance Techniques

 , October 20, 2015 updated on September 25, 2016
Corporate governance is a term for the accountability and responsibilities of the leaders of an organization including boards of directors and executive management. Leaders have a responsibility to investors, employees and communities to direct an organization with care to achieve stated goals while complying with laws, regulations and reasonable ethical standards. As such, corporate governance is a collection of techniques for establishing goals, strategies, culture, structures, processes and controls that diligently protect all stakeholders of an organization. The following are common governance techniques and considerations.
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Corporate Reputation

A list of things that go into a firm's reputation.


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Business Risks

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Risk Treatment

The four things that can be done about risk.

Risk Mitigation

A list of techniques for reducing risk.

Positive Risk

The potential that you'll achieve too much of a good thing.

Dread Risk

Any risk that people have a strong aversion too.

Risk vs Opportunity

The surprising similarities between risk and opportunity.

Risk Management vs Contingency Planning

The difference between risk management and contingency planning.


The common types of uncertainty in decision making and strategy.

Inventory Risk

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Business Risk Management

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Fiduciary Duty

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Conflict Of Interest

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Independent Knowledge

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Segregation Of Duties

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Internal Controls

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Conformance vs Compliance

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Administrative Burden

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Fair Competition

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Insider Information

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