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Value creation is an activity that produces a benefit to people. This is the basis of all economic activity with the exception of rent seeking. It is common for businesses to view strategies, processes, practices, technologies, products and services in terms of value creation. For example, looking at the value difference between process inputs and outputs. The following are basic types of value creation.
Aligning to customer preferences
Attractive pricing model
Compliance to regulations
Compliance to standards
Connection to culture, history & tradition
Convenient locations
Convenient services
Customer comfort
Customer experience
Customization options
Ease of maintenance
Ease of repair
Ease of use
Education & learning
Emotional wellness
Epic experience
Facilitating social processes
Fair and accurate billing
Fair terms
Fast response to customer requests
Flexibility, adaptability & versatility
Friendly service
Health & wellness
Inclusiveness & accessibility
Integration & compatibility
Intuitive user interfaces
Managed services
Meeting customer needs
On-time performance
Peace of mind
Pleasant service environments
Powerful functionality and features
Powerful user interfaces
Privacy protection
Product aesthetics
Product performance
Product quality
Product size
Product speed
Professional service
Provide access to facilities, resources and environments
Provide access to knowledge and data
Provide entertainment
Quality materials
Quality of packaging
Build quality
Design quality
Reducing stress
Reducing uncertainty and doubt
Reduction of risk
Safety & security
Save space
Save time
Sense & sensation
Sense of belonging
Emotional wellness
Social status
Solving customer problems
Timely and useful information
Timely delivery
Training & development


Information that is actionable, timely, accurate and credible has value. For example, an accurate weather forecast allows people to plan their weekend. Meaningful knowledge that isn't timely or actionable can also have significant value.


Functions and features that fulfill customer needs. Customer needs are based on the subjective evaluations of customers. They include both basic physical needs such as food and desired items such as diamonds.


Intangible benefits such as an activity that is enjoyable.

Objectives & Goals

Processes and practices that achieve objectives and goals. For example, studying may achieve an objective such as passing a test. This may be related to a goal such as graduating with a degree.


Products and services that work as expected in a wide range of conditions over time. For example, a bicycle might work reliably with minor maintenance for more than 5 years.

Quality of Life

The things that make communities happy, healthy, fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous such as a clean environment, quality education and adequate healthcare.


Things that reduce risks such as safety features.
Overview: Value Creation
An activity that benefits people.
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