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Information Governance vs Data Governance

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Information governance is the control of risks related to information.
Data governance is the control of risks related to data.

The Differences

Information is data that has meaning to people. Data is a broader term that includes data that has no business context or that is consumed by machine processes that human's don't find interesting.
As such, information governance looks at the business use, value, ownership, meaning and lifecycle of data. Data governance looks at risk from a slightly more technical perspective including areas such backups, service levels, data quality and data lineage. Both tend to be heavily focused on compliance and information security.
In practice, there is great overlap between information governance and data governance. It is common for an organization to have one structure that performs both functions.
Information Governance vs Data Governance
Information Governance
Data Governance
The control of risks related to information.
The control of risks related to data
Data access by people.
All data.

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