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Configuration Management

4 Examples of Configuration Management

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Configuration management is the practice of tracking operational items and their attributes. It is a fundamental operations technique that captures valuable information for processes such as incident management, problem management, change management, maintenance, safety and risk management. The following are illustrative examples.


An airline tracks the parts and components in its aircraft for purposes such as maintenance and safety. If a particular part is recalled for safety reasons, the airline can immediately determine where the part is installed.


A bank keeps track of its software, components, databases, infrastructure and facilities in a configuration management database for purposes such as service support, incident management and IT risk management.


A telecom firm maintains a configuration management database that includes relationships between components. This is used to automatically determine the impact of failures. For example, if a router goes down the firm has immediate access to a list of impacted services and customers. The company phones customers to tell them their service is down before they typically notice. Large corporate customers appreciate this service as they are accustomed to having to push telecom companies to fix problems.


A complex space mission keeps a detailed account of the current baseline configuration of software, components, parts and materials. Change is carefully controlled and managed to mission objectives using the configuration information. When a mission launches, configuration management includes exact details of how it is configured. This information can be used to find workarounds. If a rover breaks down while exploring an alien planet, you want to know exactly how it is designed and configured.
Overview: Configuration Management
Configuration Management
The practice of tracking operational items and their attributes.
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