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Invention vs Innovation

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Invention is the creation of something new by a process of unique intuition or genius.
Innovation is an improvement over the old by an order of magnitude.

Invention vs Innovation

An invention is something completely new that is the product of unique insight on the part of a person.
Innovation requires no specific inventor and doesn't have to be new. Its definition centers around the idea of disruption that results in tremendous change to culture, industry or society. Innovation can result from small tweats such as removing something. It can happen incidentally or be the product of intensive research.


In common usage, invention and innovation are used almost interchangeably. Invention is an older term that was an extremely common business buzzword in the years 1880-1970.
Innovation is a relatively new word that wasn't used much before the early 1990s. It can be said that the term innovation has largely replaced invention as a business buzzword.


The term invention is commonly used in the law. For example, patent law typically requires an inventive step.
Invention vs Innovation
The creation of something new by a process of unique intuition or genius.
An improvement over the old by an order of magnitude.
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