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32 Examples of Career Aspirations

Career aspirations are long term ambitious goals that need not be immediately realistic or attainable. This is a common question to ask students before they have begun in their career. The same question may be asked of mid-career professionals in job interviews and performance management meetings to inquire about career direction. The following are common examples of career aspirations followed by a few more detailed examples.
Achieving high performance
Advancing in your profession
Advancing to executive management
Advancing to management
Building professional credibility and reputation
Business goals such as gaining market share for a product
Career change
Career growth
Closing sales and generating revenue
Collaboration goals such as working more closely with other teams
Communication goals such as public speaking
Continuing to learn and develop
Demonstrating leadership
Earning awards and recognition
Entering a profession
Entrepreneurial ventures
Ethical goals such as doing good for people and planet
Finding better work-life balance
Increasing productivity and making better use of time
Inventing things
Mastering a talent
Owning a business
Pay increases and bonuses
Pursuit of a business mission and vision
Research discoveries and progress
Scaling a startup
Shifting towards creative work
Sustaining high performance over time
Taking on high value work
Taking on more responsibility
Turning around a business
Turning around poor performance


As a student, you need not specify specific career goals as your future is still wide open with time to progress in a direction and feel things out.
I'm interested in medicine and plan to major in biology and take some pre-med courses in university. I'm not sure exactly what career path I will take -- whether it would be related to research or treating patients.

Job Interview

In the context of a job interview, the interviewer may be looking for someone ambitious who is raging towards an executive role. However, it is perhaps more likely that they prefer candidates who are interested in the job being offered. As such, stating highly realistic aspirations that are completely related to the position is a reasonable path.
Firstly, I'd like to establish myself in this role and work to closely with business to make systems and processes more efficient. In the long run, I'd like to take on more of a leadership role in the team by taking on project and operational responsibilities.

Career Development

If your manager or human resources team asks you for your career aspirations, this is a chance to push for what you really want whether this be a promotion, more challenging work assignments or greater work-life balance. Ask for something specific.
Well, as you know I've been taking on more of a leadership role in the team on the ___ project and ___ project with the hopes that I will be given the opportunity to progress to management. What do I need to do to make this happen?
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