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Specific goals are targets that can be unambiguously evaluated as either achieved or not achieved. It is common for organizations to require goals to be smart -- meaning that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. In this context, a specific goal is often a numerical target for a performance or business metric. Alternatively, a specific goal is anything that can be marked as complete or incomplete. The following are illustrative examples.

Performance Metrics

Setting a target for your individual or team performance that doesn't map directly to business results such as revenue or cost.
Deliver projects to stakeholder expectations. Target: stakeholder satisfaction of 80%.
Reduce the defect rate to 0.5 per thousand lines of code.
Reduce time spent in meetings to 55 minutes per day per employee.
Develop 50 high quality leads.

Business Metrics

Measures of organizational goals in areas such as revenue, cost, customer, product, risk and compliance. Metrics that are closely related to revenue and cost are also considered business metrics.
Increase conversion rate to 1.4% for mortgage offers.
Improve customer satisfaction to 94%.
Reduce framing cost by $1200 by restructuring contracts with suppliers and contractors.
Close sales of $14 million in the quarter.
Increase revenue per employee to $4 million.
Obtain the highest rating of any hotel in Waikiki.
Increase market share to 55%.
Improve design and materials quality to reduce product returns to 0.4%.

Activity Completion

Marking an activity as complete. Activities can include intangible experiences such as events, workshops and training.
Organize the annual company kick-off event.
Attend 3-5 industry conferences.
Complete ruby programming training.
Attend community college courses and pass the _____ certification.

Task Completion

Delivering work including work that produces intangible results such as customer service interactions. Ideally, these have some business or performance metric such that they fall into the categories above. However, a goal is specific if it identifies work that can be confirmed as competed.
Complete and communicate an agenda and meeting minutes for the weekly team meeting.
Check in all customers during the morning rush.
Complete the technical design for the ____ project.
Present the budget plan to the board.

Professional Outcomes

Outcomes that demonstrate professional results but not direct business results.
Gain board approval of the budget plan.
Achieve stakeholder approval of the requirements document.
Recruit 3 new staff and successfully retain them through the probation period.
Obtain a promotion to team manager.

Business Outcomes

Business outcomes are instances of business results as opposed to abstract measurements such as revenue.
Sell 50 cars a month.
Successfully repair 30-45 elevators a month.
Successfully launch 4 new ice cream products before the summer season.
Launch 3 new restaurant locations in 2035.


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